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What's the cost advantage to using Dental Office Solutions vs. hiring employees myself?

Here's an easy way to get your arms around the real cost per hire in your organization:

  1. Take the annual sales of your company (or division) and divide it by the number of employees. This is the annual revenue per employee.
  2. Divide that number by 250 to get the daily revenue per employee.
  3. Multiply daily revenue per employee by the number of days it takes to hire an employee.
  4. If you want, add the dollars spent by the Recruiting Department (it's a minor fraction).

This is the real cost per hire, generally it's 5 to 10 times the administrative costs.

Excerpts taken from John Sumser's article in 'The Interbiznet Bugler'

What kind of pay and benefits do temporary and contract employees receive?

To attract the most qualified employees, staffing services offer highly competitive wages and benefits. The average temporary or contract employee earns more than $10 per hour. Some earn more than their permanent counterparts. Most staffing companies offer health insurance as well as vacation and holiday pay, and many offer retirement plans. Virtually any temporary or contract employee who wants benefits can find a staffing firm that offers them.

What kinds of services do staffing companies provide?

Staffing services include temporary help, permanent placement, temporary-to-permanent placement, long-term and contract help, managed services (often called "outsourcing"), training, human resources consulting, and PEO arrangements, in which a staffing firm assumes responsibility for payroll, benefits, and other human resource functions.

Sources: American Staffing Association, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Omnicomp Group, the Conference Board

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