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What happens when a key employee has to leave unexpectedly?

Failing to find quality employees quickly can have catastrophic consequences.

We can help you avoid bad experiences by:

  • sourcing, screening and hiring the right candidates
  • minimizing employee turnover
  • streamlining employee relations

Specializing in Dental Staffing

Unlike many other staffing agencies, Dental Office Solutions serves clients with needs for select, specialized professionals in the dental industry. This focus means we can provide you with the best-qualified , most carefully screened personnel.

Careful Selection

Dental Office Solutons serves the dental client by locating a professional worker, interviewing and screening that worker, checking references, and setting up interviews if necessary.

Human Resource Management

Dental Office Solutions acts as an extension of your human resource department, administering all hiring paperwork and assuring that there is open communication between supervisor and employee, and assisting with any troubleshooting or problem solving that may be needed.

Advantages of using our services:

  • No advertising cost. We design and place all advertisements for you.
  • We save you time by personally screening and interviewing all candidates.
  • We administer written and computerized testing of appropriate skills on all candidates as necessary or requested.
  • We provide general or customized training as necessary.
  • We do the complete legwork for new hires and schedule only the best candidates with your hiring supervisor.
  • We maintain all personnel records.
  • We set the wage rates.
  • We handle the payment of wages/benefits and appropriate tax withholding.
  • We provide all insurance liability coverage (unemployment, worker’s compensation, indemnity).
  • We handle the performance reviews.

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